Theoecology Journal
Charlie Darwin vs Dr. George



With the publication of this current issue, Theoecology kicks off its third year of publication. Theoecology represents a group of theologians and scientists who seek to glorify God by loving Him and caring for His creation. The articles published so far have been submitted by faculty members and doctoral students at research universities, seminaries, divinity schools, and research institutes, and have been written from disciplines as diverse as ecology, marine biology, systematic theology, and philosophy.

It is this interdisciplinary nature of Theoecology which makes it unique. In the view of this member of the editorial board, theology and science are overlapping research programs which should remain in conversation and partnership with one another, and which are not inherently conflictive or competitive. Philosopher David K. Clark puts it nicely when he writes, “Reality is complex and human knowers access different dimensions of reality using different methods. This is precisely why dialogue among disciplines is important. Dialogue permits us to adopt multiple frames of reference on reality. Still, if truth is unified as we hold, we must seek connections between and integration of these multiple frames of reference.” Theoecology provides just such a venue where scientists, philosophers, and theologians and scientists may partner together ask they seek to understand reality.

With this commendation, we invite you to look forward to future issues of Theoecology which will continue to make connections between multiple frames of reference (scientific, philosophical, and theological) on reality.


-Bruce Riley Ashford

Provost & Dean of the Faculty / Associate Professor of Theology & Culture

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary