Theoecology Journal
Charlie Darwin vs Dr. George

We are a group of theologians and scientists who are brought together with the purpose of glorifying God by loving Him and caring for His creation. This challenge entails dialogue pertaining to the origin of heaven and earth, creation of man in the Garden of Eden, Creation-Care, the need for responsible human behavior for sustainable management of earths declining natural resources and the compelling need today for bridging the widening gap between science and Christianity. These goals, in essence, constitute the guidelines for the editors and editorial board to encourage peer-reviewed publications of papers on these topics in this unique ‘Theoecologyjournal’.

As the word “theoecology” implies, we are committed to studying the intersection of theology and ecology. Therefore, our editorial board is diverse and consists of theologians and scientists with the express goal of creating and maintaining dialogue regarding such matters.

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Theoecologyjournal is an open access, peer reviewed journal that seeks to bridge the gap between the sciences and theology by promoting dialogue and charitable interaction amongst researchers, students, and professors. It is published bi-annually on January 15 and August 15. Currently Theoecologyjournal is a web-journal only.

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If you are interested in submitting a paper, article, book review, or E-book, please review The Core Values of the Journal. The Journal is published bi-annually on January 15 and August 15; deadlines are April 16 and October 16 respectively.

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